Anderson Electric is proud to offer the opportunity for a rewarding career.

The company is continually seeking motivated individuals who embody the skills and drive that contribute to success. People who have a love for their work, a commitment to excellence and a joy in discovery and change. Who want to be challenged and make a difference, a passion for learning and a desire to grow.

As part of the Anderson Electric team, employees will be provided with a variety of professional development opportunities to assist in achieving ultimate career potential.

Resume may be submitted at the office, by mail or email.


3030 South Midland Park Drive 
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

 Mailing address P. O. Box 2615
Pine Bluff, AR. 71613-2615
 Email or

After resume has been reviewed, candidate may be screened by phone and then asked to come in for an interview. The information obtained during the initial screening will determine whether or not candidate will be forwarded on for an interview.

Candidates Notified / Hiring Decision: Once a decision has been made by the hiring manager, you may be notified by email, phone or in person of the final decision.